Product, Practitioner, and Service Recommendations

As I have treated countless patients over the years, I have learned what products work and what products don’t. Below you will find a list of products that I’ve put together and personally use or have personally seen the results from. These recommendations range from other practitioners, to supplements, to foods, devices, and finally personal care products. All the products listed are intended with your best health in mind!

Note: Many of the links below are affiliate links. If you use the below links, I make a small commission off the sale. This does not in any way increase your purchase price. These are all products that I personally use and believe in, and this is simply a convenient way for me to direct you to these items. If you wish to go through other links and buy these products, then I completely understand and respect your decision. I do greatly appreciate your use of the below links–you get the same product at a good price, and you support my relationship with these products as well as any further research I do.

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Integrative Medicine Doctor
Integrative Medicine Doctor
Integrative Medicine Doctor

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