What Happens When the Doctor Gets Sick?

Doctor’s Memoir from October 10, 2021

It’s been over four years since I could honestly tell you I felt unwell. As your Functional Medicine Physician, I strive to practice the lifestyle I teach and advocate to you. It’s important for me to lead-by-example, because if I’m not at my best, I can’t give you my best! You deposit your faith and trust in me that I will provide you with the tools to help nurse yourselves to optimum health, and I truly take this responsibility to heart. 

I’d like to share my story and show you how I bounced back to wellness.

In late July, my husband and I went hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. It was a magical experience to walk through the majestic forests surrounded by millennial trees, crystal clear streams, and magnificent waterfalls. When you immerse yourself in nature, be prepared to handle some stings! (More info on dealing with stings later)

Four nights after we returned home from hiking, a friend hosted a dinner party. During this event, my husband witnessed something that deeply upset him and literally made him angry. As soon as we left the party, he told me, “My throat hurts and it’s because I should have said something, and I didn’t.” He let his emotions get the better of him. The next day, he tells me he’s weak, fatigued, with brain fog, and a headache. His symptoms progressed to 10/10 pain where even the touch of sheets made him cringe. His symptoms deprived him of sleep, and he spiraled into what I called a walking zombie. 

“My throat hurts and it’s because I should have said something, and I didn’t.”

We suspect exposure to COVID SPIKE PROTEIN from a vaccinated person attending the party, but the reason my husband got sick is because emotions of anger suppressed his biological terrain and immune function. My husband and I have never feared COVID. We never wear masks, and we strongly believe in natural herd immunity. I knew his symptoms would eventually pass. I just had to help him nurse through it all. 

However, on day four, I realized I was angry too! I was mad at my HUSBAND, who himself practices Quantum Medicine, Spiritual Energy Healing and Functional Medicine, for allowing himself to get sick because he could not let go of his emotions that one night. I came home from the clinic and just felt extremely achy and fatigued. I grabbed a bottle of Viracid (available at Fullscript) and Marcozyme (direct order via our office) along with some water and crawled in bed. I set an alarm to go off every hour. I took a total of 12 Viracid and 30 systemic enzymes in a period of six hours. My husband is still sick and can’t help me in any way, so I slept with him. I think I must have slept twenty hours straight! Luckily, it was a Thursday evening, and I didn’t have patients scheduled on Friday.

I thought I would just rest through the weekend and let my body recover. 

Don’t do what I did—which is NOTHING x 3 days other than sleep!

I was just so tired; I barely ate or drank and just stayed in bed. On the morning of the 4th day, I had to cancel patients. This WAS NOT COOL, and I suddenly realized I need to get better FAST, and my immune system needed help!! I also had some headaches that weren’t letting me focus on my patient research and preparation. 

I knew I was beyond preventative supplements, and I needed to get my husband better too. We both started Chlorine Dioxide. I utilized CDS protocols designed by Dr. Andres Kackler from Switzerland daily x 3 days. First day after finishing my CDS protocol of the day, I felt like a truck had run over me and extreme nausea and dizziness. I felt so weak and sick, it was awful! I couldn’t even bring myself to meditate so that I could reset my autonomic nervous system. So, I just prayed and petitioned to God that he heals me and my husband in the most perfect ways possible. On day 2 of taking CDS, the Herxheimer response was present but less intense. Day 3, I had no side effects and for the 1st time in 5 days, I felt my energy coming back!

My husband was feeling better too.


Well, don’t do what I did! Skipped my CDS day 4 dose thinking I was now fine and would let my immune system do the rest. Ha… by that evening, I was tired again. I was too tired to even start a CDS protocol that late, so I set an alarm to wake up early and re-start CDS the following morning. I also did an emotional inventory. I RELEASED my anger. I had not even spoken about it with my husband. I had a nice chat with him, and then I performed a beautiful heart-mind coherence meditation and fell asleep. The next morning, I re-started CDS protocols, and by the end of the day I was back to feeling 85% normal. On the 6th day of drinking CDS, I felt 100% well. I didn’t want to let my guard down, so I continued CDS for 2 more days.  I kept the clinic closed for one week. I felt it was important to let my body rest, and of course, I did not want to expose my staff and patients to my symptoms. My husband improved as well. 

I’m writing you my story because I want you all to understand that our body is made to restore function. The root cause of any symptom or condition is a negative emotion. These emotions allow the mind to produce a pro-inflammatory vocabulary for the body that keeps it running in a fight-or-flight fashion. During sympathetic overdrive, our immune system is suppressed. Our defenses weaken and we cannot effectively fight off physical toxicity (infection, pollution, chemicals, or radiation). 

In the COVID-19 driven time warp of the last two years (if we start counting from the November 2019 Wuhan events), politics and economics have stumped and censored true science and medicine. Public opinions have never been so divided and social behaviors largely revolve around fear and anxiety.

I kindly ask you to consider diverting your attention not to FEAR of a virus, but rather trust and faith in your body’s ability to repair.

COVID has shone light on the lack of transparency in our regulatory and scientific communities and exposed the terrifying vulnerabilities of the human body weakened by stress, junk food, and exposure to countless environmental toxins. Never has it been more important to care for our planet. Our collective global efforts should focus on removing toxicity and practicing regenerative agriculture. Afterall, the greatest medicine is FOOD. 

I encourage you to start learning that our nutrition, stress, and emotions can modify our genes (and that these modifications are heritable). Our emotions are the language of our subconscious minds, influencing our cells’ behaviors. You can learn to limit stress and fear and replace it with love and gratitude. 

If we are vibrating in the highest frequencies of love and gratitude, our bodies will produce anti-inflammatory vocabulary that keep our immune system robust and our biological terrain in homeostasis. We will now have the energy to practice healthier lifestyles—where we feed our bodies proper food and protect ourselves from environmental toxicity.

Draconian lockdowns, masks, and shots DO NOT address ROOT CAUSE. Instead, these add to the problem. 

My desire is that you graduate to an emotional state where you are not running on programs of the past that are limiting, but instead living the best version of yourselves so that you can take control of yourselves, your communities, and your destiny.

As you embark on your wellness journey and ask yourselves what else can you do to defend yourself from infection and toxicity, I created a list of supportive nutraceuticals. You can find those recommendations on Fullscript.

Warm regards,

Claudia Marcelo, D.O., AOBFP

Board Certified in Family & Geriatric Medicine

The root cause of any symptom or condition is negative emotion.

Doctor Tip: Dealing with Stings in The Appalachian Mountains

In the middle of one of my hikes, I was stung by a wasp on my ankle. The swelling, pain, and numbness were unbearable. I literally could not walk. My husband carried me to a nearby fallen tree trunk where I could sit. He dug up dirt for me and made me pee on it and we used this to create a mud paste to pack my ankle. In case you didn’t know, your urine has an enormous source of vital nutrients, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, and critical antibodies. Dirt also has its own nutrients and bugs to help us. Thank goodness I was wearing tall socks that helped hold the mud in place. After 10 minutes, the pain improved, and I was able to hike back to our car. Back in our cabin, I took high doses of curcumin and systemic enzymes every hour x 6 hours (I only stopped at 6 hours because I felt pain free and then it was time for bed). I woke up feeling so much better. The ankle swelling was gone and all that was visible was the wasp bite.

However, the next day, my husband decided to do an outdoor TRX workout. When he finished, he felt a terrible itch on his thigh. When we saw his leg, there were three distinct welts. He’s a tough one, breathed through it, and was determined to move forward with our plans for the day (more hiking and orchard visits). By nighttime, his bites were bigger, redder, and oozing. Back to mud packing, enzymes, and curcumin for him! It worked, we made it through the rest of our trip just fine.

NOTE: Dr. Marcelo is a member of American Frontline Doctors and also fully supports I-Mask protocols by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. If you are interested in personalized prevention strategies, or help during active symptoms, please call Dr. Marcelo’s office. 

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